Pandora Prime

Pioneering Bitcoin Finance

Global Bitcoin capital exceeds 500 billions.

Until today it couldn't be used to build financial systems as a result of Bitcoin blockchain lacking programmability.

We were the team behind the creation of RGB: Turing-complete smart contracts for Bitcoin. Today we’re building products that unlock Bitcoin capital for building finance in Lightning-scalable way.

We start with programmable assets on Bitcoin - RGBTC and CHFN - which can scale up to VISA/MasterCard level in transaction throughput with Lightning Network

We provide facilities to exchange those assets without hassle - requiring no KYC for transactions under 1’000 CHF (in compliance with the Swiss law).

We have built the first and the most popular RGB asset registry & smart contract explorer

...and are the leaders in providing self-custodian tools for managing Bitcoin, RGB assets and NFTs for both individual and enterprise use, unlocking corporate multi-sig policies, personal inheritance plans, vaults.